05 September 2018 / Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aquasan holds intermediate workshop within the second training cycle of Non-Revenue Water Program
Contributed by:
Voice of the Danube
18 September 2018

A two-days workshop was held on 5 and 6 September 2018 in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina with participation of 14 representatives from 7 Water Utilities from Bosnia and Herzegovina that are registered for this D-LeaP Program: Busovaca, Han Pijesak, Kotor Varos, Laktasi, Prnjavor, Teslic and Zavidovici. Following the initial workshop held in Doboj in the beginning of July 2018, this is the second workshop organised within the second training cycle of the NRW Program implemented by Aquasan Network in BiH.

One of the aims of the workshop was to enable the participants to exchange on the implementation of homework assigned to them by Aquasan trainers during the initial workshop. For this purpose, the representatives from Prnjavor Water Utility took the floor to present results of their homework and share with colleagues from other participating Water Utilities challenges and achievements in implementing these tasks.

The workshop focused on acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge on types and principles of operation of the flow and pressure measurement equipment and leak detection equipment. To this end, the second day of the workshop was organised as on-the-job training so that the participants had the opportunity to apply knowledge and acquire skills for working with this equipment. As during the first training cycle, the on-the-job training was implemented on the water supply network managed by Bihac Water Utility and Aquasan takes this opportunity to thank its management and technical staff for the support in implementing the Program.

The participants also learned how to develop a non-revenue water action plan using data from their own water utility and were assigned with implementing new homework tasks that will be presented at the final workshop scheduled for the end of October 2018.