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The Danube Water Program aims at strong utilities, smart policies and sustainable services in a sector serving 80 million customers in the Danube region. Managed by IAWD in cooperation with the World Bank and with funding from the Austrian Ministry of Finance, the Danube Water Program supports a wide range of activities to improve the situation of the sector. See what we do and learn what we have already achieved. >>>

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DWP in person Eighty million people. Seventeen nations. Hundreds of water service sector professionals. All joining to improve. Because improving services improves lives.

“The Danube Water Program is an initiative that spread throughout the whole Danube region and has produced a lasting positive impact on the water sector.”

Bosko Kenjic

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“The Danube Water Program has allowed us to work closely with partners in the region to deliver smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable services for all.”

Jennifer Sara

World Bank

“Getting all stakeholders of the water sector in the Danube region around a table for a productive exchange is one outstanding merit of the Danube Water Program.”

Silviu Lacatusu

Romanian Water Association

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