Danube Water Program Activities

The Danube Water Program supports smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable water and wastewater services in the Danube region by partnering with regional, national and local stakeholders, promoting an informed policy dialogue around the sector’s challenges and strengthening the technical and managerial capacity of the sector’s utilities and institutions. 

With the objective to foster water security and resilient recovery in the Danube region, the Danube Water Program aims to strengthen water sector policies, institutional capacities, and efficiency of water sector delivery. To achieve these goals, the Program works under three broad categories of work:   

  1. Analytical and Advisory Work 
  2. Capacity Development
  3. Knowledge Sharing

The Phase IV Work Plan attached below outlines each activity, including its main audience, objectives, and current status.

Analytical and Advisory services under the Danube Water Program aim to develop and/or consolidate existing knowledge to improve understanding of challenges and emerging opportunities for the water sector in the Danube region These activities aim to engage in an informed policy dialogue and to provide advice on reform agendas to water sector stakeholders and decision makers in the countries of the region. 

Capacity Development activities target improved water and wastewater services at all levels from utility companies and their management to local government representatives, regulatory agencies and ministries. Activities are focused on the capacity building programs delivered under the Danube Learning Partnership, Benchmarking activities, and Regional Workshops. 

Knowledge sharing aims to create opportunities for water sector professionals to access and exchange information within and among countries in the region and beyond. A variety of options are offered including major annual conferences, study tours, online webinars, and the Voice of the Danube webspace (hosting as well the Danubis.org platform).

Under the previous program activities Competitive Grants allowed to finance local initiatives resulting in a cumulative investment of €1 million. 


 Danube Water Program 2019-2021 Work Plan (Phase IV)

 Danube Water Program 2019-2021 Work Plan (Phase III)

 Danube Water Program 2016-2018 Work Plan (Phase II)

Danube Water Program 2013-2015 Work Plan (Phase I)