Competitive Grants Window


Previous activities of the Danube Water Program supported two cycles of competitive grants, one in 2013 and a second one in early 2016. The first round of projects concluded in October 2015. Out of 71 applications, IAWD selected the 14 most promising projects. The successful contenders hailed from 10 different countries in the region. The second round of grants yielded 47 applications, showing continued interest from the region for bottom-up activities. Out of those, IAWD chose the 11 most innovative projects from applicants coming from 9 different countries. 

Some examples of supported projects include: 

  • 14 Water Associations in the program region – development of a Strategic Business Plan (implemented by SHUKALB) 
  • Water Utility East Sarajevo, BiH - successful establishment of a pilot District Metering Area (DMA) reducing water losses by 120m³/day in the respective area 
  • Water Utility Banja Luka, BiH – establishment of a center for monitoring and reduction of losses including 7 fully-equipped DMA zones 
  • Water Utility Sofiyska Voda JCS - Improvement of the asset management in Sofiyska Voda JCS by linking technical data with financial data 
  • 40 Water Utilities in Moldova – retraining of managers and technical staff by the Technical University of Moldova 
  • Water Association Romania – development of 4 training curricula for water operators (e.g WWTP operation, development of NRW strategy) 
  • Croatian Water and Wastewater Association - organization of an annual “Leak Detection Competition” for Croatian water utilities with 13 participants from 10 utilities attending in 2017 

Similar to the first round of Competitive Grants, some of the most innovative projects were highlighted in the frame of a poster reception at the 2018 Danube Water Conference

DWP Poster LDC (English)