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We make every effort to improve, because Improving our performance will improve our customers' lives. The Danube Learning Partnership unites the national water utility associations of the Danube region in a comprehensive set of capacity-building programs to support the participating utilities in providing sustainable water and wastewater services for all.

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Eighty million people. Seventeen nations. Hundreds of water professionals. All joining to improve. Because improving services improves lives.

“Getting all stakeholders of the water sector in the Danube region around a table for a productive exchange is one outstanding merit of the Danube Water Program.”

Silviu Lacatusu

Romanian Water Association

“The Danube Water Program provides vital support to infrastructure development that delivers water to the people, the economy, and protects the environment.”

Ndrcim Shani

Albanian Water Regulatory Authority

“80 million people in the Danube region are in the same proverbial boat. The Danube Water Program unites them to create, maintain and improve vital infrastructures.”

Predrag Bogdanović


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