Conference / Workshop, DWC/DWF
2018 Danube Water Conference
Organizer: IAWD and World Bank

The Danube Water Conference is the Danube Water Program’s flagship event, taking place in Vienna every May since 2013.

The 2018 Danube Water Conference on “Achieving sustainable water and sanitation for all: progress, challenges and future actions in the Danube Region” will be held on May 2-3, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The 2018 Danube Water Conference is organized by the Danube Water Program (IAWD and World Bank) with funding from the Austrian Government. The conference will bring together more than 150 key sector representatives from entities such as national utility associations, the regional network of associations of local authorities, water and wastewater utilities, line ministries, regulatory authorities, the donor community and other international associations to discuss the progress, challenges and the required future actions to achieve sustainable water and sanitation services for all in the Danube region, along the foundation of smart policies and strong utilities.

In addition to the 2018 Danube Water Conference, a number of additional business meetings will take place on May 4th, which can be attended by invitation only.


Presentations 2 May 2018


Presentations 3 May 2018


Smart policies for sector governance

Optimizing national governance of the water sector - Radulovic

NALAS Methodology for benchmarking of good governance in the water and sanitation sector in SEE - Djurovic

Overall progress of the water reform in Bulgaria - Kroumova

Panel Discussion


Strong utilities for sustainable services

OWAV Training of operational staff for wastewater treatment plants and sewer networks in Austria - Krampe

Water utility capacity building experience of Serbia - Medenica

Water utility turnaround through capacity building - Jevric

Water utility capacity building - case of Sachsen Wasser (Germancy) - Wummel

Panel Discussion


Smart policies for inclusive services

Social Triffs: Lesson and examples from EU countries - Smets

Prospects of Implementation tariffs in Bulgaria - Kroumova

Modernization of the Workforce: introduction in Gender and Diagnostic and Experiences with EDGE Assessments - Gjebrea/Popa/Krasniqi

Lessons on how to close the Urban-Rural Access Gap - Smets

Regionalization for better Rural water outcomes - Syla


Strong utilities through innovation

POWERSTEP - increase energy efficiency of utilities through innovative WWTP concepts - Loderer

Phosphorus recovery from wastewater - a beneficial strategy for utilities? - Amann

Low cost wastewater treatment for small communities - implementation experience from Montenegro

Reduction of operation & maintanance costs by imolementing solar energy at the water utility of Korca city -  implementation experiences from Albania - Ibrahimillari

Reducing dependecy - increasing quality for water utilities in the lower Danube basin: NAIAD - a new collaborative approach for strengthening water services using Nature Based Solutions - Nanu


Regional capacity development initiatives

The Danube Learning Partnership - Status, Challenges and Outlook - Zulic

The Regional Capacity Development Network, facilitating the access to quality CD products for PUCs and Municipalities - Janevska

Roundtable discussion


Closing Session: Further steps for strengthening sustainable service provision in the Danube region


City/LocationVienna, Austria

Start date 02 May 2018
End date 03 May 2018

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
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