Feedback & Grievance Redress Mechanism 

For regular Feedback please contact the IAWD Secretariat under

Under the Danube Water Program Phase 4 – Fostering Water Security and Resilient Recovery in the Danube Region (Grant No. TF0C0185) IAWD is requested to establish a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) to allow project stakeholders to raise grievances, questions and provide feedback to the Implementing Agency (IA) and seek redress when they perceive a negative impact arising from the Project activities. The GRM is a key way to mitigate, manage, and resolve potential or realized negative impacts, and contribute to positive relations with communities and employees. The GRM Manual linked below shall transparently outline the implementation and management of the GRM by the IA. 

The overall goal of the GRM is to learn about and resolve concerns before they escalate. GRMs should permit a peaceful and timely resolution of problems, assuring stakeholders that their concerns have been heard and that the institutionalized mechanism will yield a fair and impartial outcome. 

“Any individual or community who believes that a World Bank-financed project has or is likely to, adversely affect them can submit a complaint.” - World Bank