Capacity Development

Capacity Development activities target improved water and wastewater services at all levels from utility companies and their management to local government representatives, regulatory agencies and ministries. Activities are focused on the following capacity building programs:  

Regional Workshops leverage local expertise and collaborative platforms to share knowledge and experiences from both the regional and European contexts, promoting a more robust and eco-conscious water sector. 

Benchmarking and then comparing performance among utilities of similar size and conditions, is a useful tool to improve water utility performance. Several benchmarking activities exist to support the collection of performance indicator data on the Danube at the regional, national and utility level. 

The Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) is designed as a regional, integrated and sustainable capacity building initiative of national water utility associations and IAWD, the International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, and aims to provide a comprehensive curriculum to the staff of water supply and sanitation utilities located in the Danube region.To learn more about the D-LeaP's development and the programs tested under Phase I, explore the Development of D-LeaP

Association Strengthening was a vital component under Phase II, wherein national water utility associations received support through a dedicated grant scheme. These robust associations actively contribute to policy deliberations and bolster utility efficiency by providing training to their members. As part of this effort, IAWD assisted national associations in the formulation and execution of their business plans, among other initiatives.