07 June 2019 / Pristina, Kosovo
Visit of Project Manager "Asset Management - Advisory Services for South East European Countries" and representatives of Hydro-Comp Company in Pristina
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Voice of the Danube
07 June 2019

The Project Manager of "Asset Management - Advisory Services for South Eastern Europe" and the representative of Hydro-Comp consultant for working on the EDAMS system made a two-day visit on 5 and 6 June 2019 in Kosovo to see the work done during this period by all three RWCs that are the beneficiaries of this project.

The meetings were held in the building of RWC Prishtina organized in cooperation with SHUKOS. During this visit, the working teams had the opportunity to discuss openly about all the uncertainties they have and the very positive results they have achieved so far.

The two-day activity in Prishtina, besides the group work from the working teams, contained a meeting of the managerial level where part of this meeting were the representative of GIZ (Project Manager), Representative Hydro-Comp, CEOs of three RWCs, The Executive Director of SHUKOS and the team for the administration of this project by SHUKOS.