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Program description and covered topics

High energy costs often contribute to unsustainable operating costs that directly affect the financial health of water supply and sanitation utilities and affordability of their services.

This Program supports participating utility companies in collecting, auditing and analyzing data related to their energy use and developing investment programs based on that data to support the reduction of energy costs and increase energy efficiency. The Program also assists in securing the financial resources to match the investments needs for energy efficiency.

The Program has been developed in cooperation with the Technical Partner Econoler and is delivered by national or regional Hubs in local language. The duration of the program is approximately one year and it consists of workshops as well as hands-on exercises at the utilities themselves with support of the trainers. Participating utilities pay a registration fee which is communicated by the Hub.

Learning goals

How to carry out an energy audit?
How to develop an investment plan to address energy issues?
How to find resources needed to carry out energy efficiency investments?

Participating Hubs

Please consult the D-LeaP Hubs to get on overview of programs delivered in your country.


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