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GAINhands-on, practical experience on asset management

LEARN from other practitioners in the sector

BE UP TO DATE on the latest trends in the sector

BENEFIT from regional and global experiences from other utilities and experts

Program description and covered topics

The implementation of Integrated Asset Management practices in the utilities is achieved through the use of an innovative package that includes the empowerment of Hubs and the use of the
already customised for the region EDAMS Integrated Asset Management Information Systems.

The AM Hubs provide capacity building to the participating Utilities to carry out Integrated Asset Management activities through training, support and the provision of the
software and best-practice methodologies.

The program has duration of three years, consisting of three stages lasting 12 months each, with the idea that each utility will be able to progress from one stage to the next each year.

Stage 1: The emphasis of stage 1 is to assist utilities in setting up and maintaining a validated network geographical database, effectively performing proper Network Data Management.

Stage 2: The objective of stage 2 is to enable maintenance management for improving productivity and efficiency of the maintenance function and service delivery.

Stage 3: The last year’s stage will enable the remaining activities of Integrated Asset Management namely: (a) Commercial Data Management, (b) Water Quality Management, (c) Distribution/ NRW Management, (d) Rehabilitation/ Maintenance Planning and (e) Infrastructure Planning.

Learning goals

Financial benefits through increased revenues, reduction
of operating costs, less annual rehabilitation and
maintenance costs.

Improved service delivery through better water delivery,
quicker response to maintenance problems and more
effective emergency & crisis management.

Conformity to regulation & transparency through the
production of a more accurate balance sheet, water
quality reporting, water audit reporting.

Participating Hubs

Please consult the D-LeaP Hubs to get on overview of programs delivered in your country.


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