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GAIN practical experience on all aspects of utility management

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Program description and covered topics

The need to support and enhance the management culture in the water utility sector is undisputed. The State of the Sector reports and the opinions of various stakeholders in the industry repeatedly prove this necessity. Utilizing the already-developed D-LeaP programs and in partnership with leading utilities in Central and Eastern Europe, the Utility Management Training aims to “equip” current and future water-sector managers with tools and techniques to support their decision making.

The World Bank as institutional partner offers the Utility of the Future (UoF) program, which is designed to catalyze, materialize and maintain transformation efforts in Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) utilities. A utility joining the programs aims to become the Utility of the Future — a future-focused utility, which provides reliable, safe, inclusive, transparent, and responsive WSS services through best-fit practices that allow it to operate in an efficient, resilient, innovative and sustainable manner ( In the course of the program, UMT participants will be exposed to the Utility of the Futures methodology and will gain the ability to:

  • outline a strategic vision of a water and sanitation utility,
  • analyze it in a comprehensive manner,
  • understand its performance,
  • identify its key elements for change and
  • prepare it for a fast-changing environment.

The academic partner, Sofia University, further brings academic structure and rigour to the program and allows for the collection of ECTS credits, which are equivalent to one semester (30 ECTS) of a potential follow-up Master degree .

The program spans over six topics that, collectively, cover most of the major processes and functions in a water utility. These are:

Module timeline

Each of the topics is delivered in one module, which is typically organised within a four-month period, resulting in a two-years program duration. In addition, an induction event scheduled at the beginning of the program will provide overall guidance to the UMT participants and clarify overall structure and logistics.

 Module  Location Timeline
 Induction virtual 2 March 2023
 Utility Economics, Finance and Regulation Sofia, Bulgaria January - April 2023 
 Commercial Management and Customer Service Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic May - August 2023
 Asset Management and Investment Planning Belgrade, Serbia September - December 2023
 Network Operations and Energy Efficiency Bulgaria and Albania January - April 2024  
 Efficient Plant Operations Sofia and Haskovo, Bulgaria May - August 2024  
 Water Safety Planning and Business Continuity   Management   Vienna, Austria   September - December 2024  

Module structure

Spread over two years the modules combine theory and practice, classroom trainings and field demonstrations. Each module is organized with an introductory webinar, a one-week “residential” activity and some follow-up work typically based around cases that the UMT participants bring from their own work environments.

Learning goals

All major business areas of the water utility business covered – both core and support functions included
Focus on “equipping the managers” – applicable tools and techniques to bridge operations level and management level
Application of the Utility of the Future methodology
Demonstration and site visits by the competence partners (sector practitioners), and utility partners
Each participant will develop a graduation project (to be practically implemented)

Benefits and Deliverables

Introduction to contemporary tools and techniques in the various areas of utility management

Participating in a network with future leading utility managers

Access to a community of practice in water service sector management

Graduation Certificate including ECTS credits provided by the Academic Partner that can be used for a foundation for a Master’s degree

Participation Fees and Other Costs

The participation fee amounts to €5.000,- for two years covering the following:

  • introductory webinars 
  • costs of the residential weeks including field trips
  • the training material including access to the Learning Management System (D-LeaP Academy)

Travel and accommodation costs have to be covered by the applicants themselves. Scholarships to subsidize a part of the participation fees are available. Please scroll down for further information. The UMT participation fee is an eligible cost under the Technical Assistance of investment projects financed by a number of IFIs.  

GWSP Scholarships

The World Bank with the support of the Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) Scholarships invites eligible utility staff, who intend to participate in the UMT and who are in need for financial assistance to join the program, to apply for a co-funding scholarship supporting participation!

The scholarship can cover up to a maximum of 70% of the participation fees. Successful applicants receiving a scholarship will have their fees for participation in the UMT reduced by the amount allocated and will need to confirm ability to pay the balance.

Please download the Scholarship Flyer for further information on eligibility criteria and how to apply! The deadline for application is 31 January, 2023.

How to apply to the program?

Please download the Application form to register for the Utility Managment Program.

Are you interested in the program, but not yet sure, if it is the right choice for you? You would love to join, but the registration fee is far too high for you to cover? Drop us an email at to schedule your personal virtual meeting with us to discuss the program in detail and your options to join!

Become a Corporate Partner

UMT Corporate Partners are businesses offering leading edge technology or services in the water sector. To businesses that fit this profile, UMT offers a structured opportunity to

  • provide content to the program,
  • get involved in a continuous dialogue with future senior managers of the sector
  • pilot-test novel equipment and technologies within a real-business utility environment
  • contribute to the improvement of management skills throughout the Danube region and beyond, and to
  • have exposure to institutional decision makers in the sector.

Further information on your involvement as UMT Corporate Partner, can be found in the UMT Corporate Partner brochure.

Participating Hubs

The Utility Management Training will be delivered in the regional Danube Hub operated by IAWD. 

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Institutional Partners



Utility Partners



Competence and Corporate Partners


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