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Program description and covered topics

Inadequate water service tariffs, particularly accompanied by low collection rate, has led to decreased financial performance of water utilities in the Western Balkans. As a result of lack of funding, regular network maintenance, repair and reconstruction are being postponed or neglected, which deteriorates service quality and leads to increased percentage of the dissatisfied customers. To cover their financial gap, utilities request ad-hoc support from municipalities and other levels of government. When even these funds are not sufficient to meet the needs of the company, governments and utilities must use all available instruments and resources beyond public sector and concessional funding, and focus on action to improve the financial viability of utility.

The capacity development program will be developed by Association for Water and Environmental Protection Sector “Aquasan Network in BiH” and it will be based on training materials developed by World Bank for global level adopted and improved to the local context to contribute to the modernization and turnaround of WSS participating utilities. The main goal of the program will be improving skills on basic financial concepts and management of financial aspects, which are essential to foster understanding on how to effectively manage the revenues and cover costs, including accounting practices, asset management, tariff setting, evaluating investments and accessing financing. Launch of program will be from October 2020 and delivery of the course in the following 9 months following standard D-LeaP course cycle.

Learning goals

What are adequate ratios and indicators to evaluate operational performance?
How to effectively manage revenues and cover costs?
What is the meaning of financial sustainability and creditworthiness?
What are sources of potential funding for water utilities?

Currently, the delivery of the program is still under development. The launch of the program is expected in late 2020 or early 2021.


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