DANUBIS.org PI database

The DANUBIS.org utility database includes water and sanitation utility data from more than 600 utilities in 15 countries in the Danube Region. The data is provided by national institutions or by in-country partners working with IBNET. All data is collected and/or processed in accordance with the IBNET definitions and protocols. However, DANUBIS.org and the institutions involved cannot vouch for the quality and reliability of the data used here nor any conclusions derived from them.

The DANUBIS.org Water Platform allows you to mine the database in different ways:

Utility-level search:

The quality of the utility-level report depends essentially on the quality of the data provided by the utility or respective national institution. Results should therefore be reviewed carefully before any action is taken based on the information provided.

  • Utility Performance Scorecard provides you with a very simple overview of the company’s performance, service charge and areas of improvement compared to similiar companies. Use this report if you are a decision maker who wants a quick snapshot of a given utility's situation and performance.
  • Utility Benchmarking Report provides you with a comprehensive benchmarking report of all of the company's areas, including time trends and comparison to similar companies. Use this report if you are a utility professional looking at a deeper analysis of the situation and performance of a given utility.
  • Utility Indicators will allow you to retrieve a set of standard, or any available indicator for any utility in the database, for the years available.
  • Utility Benchmarking will let you compare the performance of a given utility against other utilities of similar characteristics in the database, for any indicator available.

Is your utility absent from the database? Please contact us if you would like to make information available to DANUBIS.org. It is easier than you think!

Country-level search:

Some countries have only limited utility data, and the country reports might not be representative of the complete sector situation but rather of the sample of available utilities. Refer to “Data sources” for further details.

  • Country Profile will give you a country-level average report, based on those utilities available in the database.
  • Country Report will allow you to retrieve the performance of all utilities in a given country.

Is your country not yet in the database? Please contact us to discuss how to make your country information available through DANUBIS.org.

If you are interested in obtaining customized reports or would like to suggest improvements to this database please contact us.