IAWD - International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area

The Danube region is rich in nations, languages, culture and history. Separated for decades in the western and eastern block it has been reunited in 1989 due to the fall of the iron curtain. Despite the political separation the eponymous river Danube has always created a transboundary bond between the countries.

Established in 1993, IAWD has built a strong network of cooperation in the region’s water sector, which goes beyond national, cultural and linguistic borders. IAWD supports the utilities directly and through its partners, the national water utility associations, to secure the water quality of the Danube and its tributaries, to make the utility services sustainable, to represent the utilities’ interests and be an established and attractive platform for donors covering the entire region.

IAWD is aware that only joint action, joint standards and universally binding regulations will safeguard the quality of water resources in the Danube region. It is therefore IAWD’s common concern to show solidarity in managing water services and ensuring their high quality.

IAWD invites you to become a member and to participate IAWD’s programs and activities to create a strong voice for improving water services and utility operation in the Danube region: The Voice of the Danube 


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Voice of the Danube

IAWD, the International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, facilitates the voice of water utilities in the Danube region by acting as a regional platform for information exchange, peer to peer networking and knowledge sharing.

IAWD communicates through its brand-new digital service platform, regular newsletters, direct member contacts as well as reporting.

IAWD connects the water service community by organizing a variety of events including its signature event, the annual IAWD Danube Water Conference, to enable peer to peer networking among the sector’s stakeholders in the Danube region.

IAWD capacitates water sector professionals by offering capacity building activities and programs such as the Danube Water Program and the Danube Learning Partnership.

Join the Voice of the Danube community and support building a safe water future for the Danube region.


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IAWD Headquarters

c/o Vienna Water

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1060 Vienna, Austria

Phone: 43 1 59 9 59 31070

e-mail: office@iawd.at  

IAWD Technical Secretariat – Danube Water Program

c/o World Bank

Praterstrasse 31/17

1020 Vienna, Austria

Phone: 43 1 217 07 48

e-mail: office@danube-water-program.org


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