04 September 2019 / Pristina, Kosovo
The Water Safety Plan Program Preparatory Workshop was held in Pristina
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Voice of the Danube
04 September 2019

On 29 & 30 August 2019 SHUKOS in collaboration with Mr. Christian Plohberger WSP (Water Safety Plan) program trainer and Kosovo trainees team for this program held two day workshops in Prishtina where SHUKOS trainers team have oppertunity to develop a “first course” based on the knowledge they received during training for this program.

The first day of this workshop was held in SHUKOS offices during which the team of SHUKOS trainers composed of Mr. Sokol Xhafa and Lumni Sallahu with the help of trainer Christian Plohberger developed the topic of Risk Management /Water Safety Plan.

The second day of the Preparatory Workshop was held at the Hotel Amazon, present at the meeting were the CEOs of the Regional Water Companies of Kosovo, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Water Regulatory Authority, Iber Lepenci, National Institute of Public Health. Trainers on this day present a practical example of developing an emergency plan and how to respond in cases of an emergency.

The Water Safety Plan program is also one of the D-LeaP programs developed with the assistance of the IAWD and the Technical Partners of the program. Through the curriculum offered by this program, water companies are able to learn learn how to identify operational hazards and how to plan, prepare and respond to these incidents for fast response and recovery in the event of a crisis or disaster. In addition, practitioners receive practical scenario-based training for decision-making under uncertainty.