26 April 2022 / Vienna, Austria
Understanding Water Safety Plans & Crisis Management: SHUKOS Trains the Trainers and Launches the Pogram
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Voice of the Danube
02 May 2022

In case of a crisis, keep cool and do – what? Helpful answers and the whole “How to” of water safety, crisis management and all the necessary planning and preparations are available ata a special training provided by D-LeaP. Now this program is underway in Kosovo.

On 22 and 23 February 2022, SHUKOS, the Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo “trained the trainers” in a preparatory workshop, with international water safety expert and Technical Partner of the D-LeaP Water Safety Planning and Cris Management Program (WSP) Mr. Christian Plohberger instructing future local WSP & CM trainers and taking them through a simulated training course.

Subsequently, on April 19 and 20, SHUKOS launched the trainings with an intense first 2-day workshop to familiarize coordinators of seven regional water companies in Kosovo with water safety plan and crisis management methodology.

During the program, which is scheduled to run until July, the participants will engage in the design of water safety plans & crisis management preparation, coached and guided by professionals in the sector such as Afrim Lajci, Albert Salltakaj, Burbuqe Latifi and Lumnije Zeka. At least four paticipating RWCs are expected to develop their own individual crisis management plans until then.

SHUKOS runs the WSP with financial support from the Danube Water Program and the Regional Capacity Development Network. The project development is based on the existing Danube Learning Partnership Program (D-LeaP) for Water Safety and Crisis Management (WSP). The WSP program teaches utility managers to understand, to prepare for, and to respond to rapidly developing crises, and how to recover in the event of a crisis or disaster.