Tools for diagnosing gender, diversity and inclusion in water and sanitation utilities
Organizer: Global Water Operators' Partnership Alliance

Gender, diversity and inclusion in the workforce are major factors that contribute to the delivery of inclusive services. According to the World Bank (2019), only an average of 20% of utilities’ workers are women. Many water and sanitation utilities across the globe have started to react to under-representation of women in the workforce by diagnosing their status with respect to gender inclusion and by planning for improvements. There is a wealth of information available on the web, but are existing tools easily implemented by water and sanitation utilities? Do utilities require the intervention of third parties to support them in their quest towards gender, diversity and inclusion, or are the tools ready to be used by utilities with a wide-ranging level of capacity?  

On January 19 at 13:00 CET, GWOPA will co-host an event on gender, diversity and inclusion in water and sanitation utilities. 

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Start date 19 Jan 2023 , 13:00 CET

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