International Women’s Day – Women, Water and Human Rights
Organizer: Human Right 2 Water

“Choose to Challenge” is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women’s achievements, but also to challenge stereotypes, fight prejudice, expand perceptions and improve conditions.

In the world of water, women play a central role on one hand (for collecting and managing domestic water) and are largely over-looked on the other hand (when dealing with decision-making for water service delivery and infrastructure provision).

This webinar brings together inspirational women from around the world to share their experience and stories. The aim is to provide an overview of the benefits of including women in decision-making forums, examples of specific cases where the inclusion of women in water has resulted in solutions that are more sustainable, culturally sensitive, and conscious of the importance of considering women and family needs into planning and design at the start of the projects.


Start date 08 Mar 2021 , 15:00 CET

Language English
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube