Utility Management Training: A Master Class for Holistic Management in the Water Service Sector
Organizer: IAWD

The need to support and enhance the management culture in the water utility sector is undisputed. Utilizing the already developed D-LeaP programs (www.d-leap.org), IAWD with the support of the World Bank in the frame of the Danube Water Program has developed the Utility Management Training (UMT) to “equip” current and future water service sector managers with tools and techniques to support their decision making.

The academic partner, Sofia University, further brings academic structure and rigor to the program and allows the collection of ECTS points.

The prime target audience of the UMT are mid-career professionals in water utilities in the Danube region, i.e. technically oriented managers who need a wider grasp of financial, commercial and regulatory aspects, but also non-technical managers who need a better understanding of networks and plants, energy and asset management, investment planning, etc.

This event will showcase the structure and logistics of the Utility Management Training and  introduce the academic, utility and competence partners, which support the program delivery.


Start date 25 Nov 2020 , 14:00 CET

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
Agenda (English)