29 June 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Happy Danube Day! Your Danube Water Program Team
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Voice of the Danube
28 June 2023

29 June is Danube Day, with celebrations and activities scheduled in 14 European countries. On Danube Day, those who live by, near, for, or from the Danube express their love and care for the world's most international river.

29 June 1994, Sofia, Bulgaria: Representatives of eleven states and the European Community sign the Danube River Protection Convention, a momentous document that creates a sound legal basis for co-operation and transboundary water management in the Danube River Basin. Ever since that day, 29 June has been a day of celebration, information and education - Danube Day!

Throughout the Danube basin, there is a wide range of school and kindergarten activities, exhibitions, web-based information programs, special magazine editions, widespread social media activities and a wide range of live events including water-related games, field trips, round tables, workshops, and public awareness interventions.

The overarching idea of Danube Day is participation. Everybody can and should contribute to the protection of our beloved river, and everybody can add his, her or their contribution to Danube Day celebrations. Which is why the Danube Water Program team has recorded the message below.

For once, it's not about knowing, it's about feelings. Because 364 days of the year we crunch numbers, gather data, distribute information and look at science. Fair enough. We all need to know where we stand and where we are headed. But today is day 365, and for once, let's talk about what gets us going and keeps us going, and that is love, plain and simple:

Dear Danube, we love you, and we care. Happy Danube Day!