27 June 2021 / Vienna, Austria
Danube Day is Here Again. Join a Somewhat Laid-Back Celebration!
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Voice of the Danube
25 June 2021

On 29 June 1994, representatives of eleven states and the European Community gathered in Sofia to sign the Danube River Protection Convention. Each year, the countries of the Danube River Basin jointly celebrate this giant leap towards the protection of one of Europe's greatest river systems, along with its people and the wildlife that rely on it.

The Convention on Co-operation for the Protection and Sustainable Use of the River Danube has created a legal basis for co-operation and transboundary water management in the Danube River Basin. Its main objective is to ensure that surface waters and groundwater within the Danube River Basin are managed and used sustainably and equitably.

If nations working together to protect their most vital natural resources isn't a reason to celebrate, what is? June 29 is Danube Day in 14 nations, and celebrations usually include education and information for children from kindergarden through high-school, special editions of special interest magazines, exhibitions, web-based information programs like the Austrian youth-focused www.danubeday.at website, a firework of social media activities and a wide range of live events including water related games, field trips, round tables, workshops, and public awareness interventions.

Danube Day 2021 is a slightly more laid-back affair, though, because we have not yet seen the last of the COVID-related restrictions.

We at IAWD mark the occasion with the release of the IAWD Annual Review, now downloadable from the Danube Library. Replacing the traditional personal get together, we sat down this year with two Danube insiders: Raimund Mair, the World Bank's Program Leader for the Danube Water Program, and Philip Weller, the IAWD's Danube Water Program Coordinator gave an overview of the wide range of activities to ensure and improve the water sector of the region.

The resulting 7 Minute interview is available under the link below. Enjoy – and if you haven't registered as a Voice of the Danube user yet, Danube Day would be a perfect moment. It's free, does not carry any obligations and keeps you informed about vital developments in a huge and hugely important part of Europe. Happy Danube Day!