25 May 2023 / Vienna, Austria
2023 Danube Water Conference, 31 May – 2 June: Celebration Time is Here!
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Voice of the Danube
28 May 2023

Next week is Danube Water Conference week. Participants are in for a rich, exciting conference program – and beyond that, a very special celebration…

"Navigating Changing Waters” is the title of the conference, and the organizers have taken this verbally: Participants will indeed navigate, and the waters will be those of our beloved river Danube – waters that have changed for the better over the three decades since the IAWD started out to promote water service quality, teaming up with other relevant initiatives and organizations that work to protect water resources in the region. 

Vienna Water, IAWD founding member and the public utility of host city Vienna, joins the celebrations of the the 30th Birthday of IAWD and the 10th Anniversary of the Danube Water Program with a very special birthday present.

Thanks to Vienna Water the participants will experience the conference dinner on a boat doing a round trip on the Danube – means the IAWD will serve birthday cake and honor founding members not by, but on the river. 

Special thanks go out to the Austrian Ministry of Finance as well, not only for ten years of steadfast support of the Danube Water Program with its huge positive impact on the region's water sector, but also for contributing the conference venue. 

A smaller, but still significant birthday present for everybody, including you, dear reader, has arrived just in time: The Danube Water Program Annual Report 2022 in a new and improved visual format. On top of that, the IAWD Annual Review 2021/22 is also available now. 

Follow the links below to download them, dear reader, and Happy Birthday to all of us! We hope to see you on the river Danube next week!  

VoD - Danube Water Program Annual Report 2022

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