17 May 2023 / Vienna, Austria
2023 Danube Water Conference: Last Call to Join!
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Voice of the Danube
17 May 2023

Exciting themes, distinguished speakers, lively formats, a double anniversary celebration - all on the banks of the Danube - the Danube Water Conference 2023 promises to be a memorable event. Online registration is still open until 22 May, and if you haven't secured your seat yet, do it now. 

IAWD celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, the Danube Water Program turns ten, and the traditional signature event of the water community in the Danube region is a very short two weeks away. This year, the Danube Water Conference will pay homage to the interesting times we live and work in. 

Titled “Navigating Changing Waters”, the conference will explore new ways to overcome existing and emerging challenges that the water sector in the Danube region is facing, including the fallout of the recent global pandemic, the Ukraine war-related energy and economic crises, and the ever-increasing effects of climate change. They all add up to a dynamic environment in which water and wastewater utilities are expected to maintain high levels of service provision, while dealing with rising energy costs and aging workforce, and at the same time investing in performance improvements.

Still, the mission is possible. The conference will present best practice examples, valuable insights, and innovative strategies. Interactive discussions will set out to identify promising approaches. Altogether, the conference will bring valuable, inspiring knowledge exchanges to support water sector professionals who need to deliver high-quality services amidst a constantly changing environment. 

A roster of distinguished speakers will take the stage. Among them Gustavo Saltiel, Global Lead for Water Supply and Sanitation of the Water Global Practice at the World Bank, a leading international water expert with rich experience gathered over many years in water development programs in Latin America and Africa and senior management positions in the Argentinian water sector.  

Mr. Saltiel will contribute the conference's keynote, presenting the “Big Picture” of the current situation in the international water sector, in the opening session moderated by Ms. Monika Weber-Fahr, former CEO & Executive Secretary of the Global Water Partnership, Chief Operating Officer at Sustainable Energy for All, and World Bank expert for sustainable development. As a highly experienced development practitioner and thought leader, Ms. Weber-Fahr advises international organizations, multi-stakeholder platforms and government agencies on innovative approaches to cooperation, lateral thinking, and results, and teaches graduate and executive courses at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.   

A session titled “Hidden Figures” will focus on attracting and retaining a diverse and engaged workforce, a growing concern for the Sector. Here, Josh Newton, founder of Josh’s Water Jobs, a platform which connects young professionals with job opportunities and promotes career development, will give insights into successful HR strategies. Mr. Newton is also an independent consultant and expert in global water governance, political processes, and stakeholder engagement. He utilizes his knowledge on the international water and sanitation communities to help institutions develop their strategies and drive political processes related to water. 

Generally, the 2023 Danube Water Conference will put a special spotlight on the next generation workforce: Supported by Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, the Young Water Professionals will have a big presence at the conference, with representatives from seven countries in the region attending and actively supporting the conference organization.

The joint conference dinner on 1 June will be a very special occasion, celebrating the 30th birthday of IAWD and the 10th anniversary of the Danube Water Program in a very fitting venue – on a ship, taking the guests on a round trip, navigating the changing waters of the Danube and the Danube Canal in Vienna. 

To join this memorable occasion please follow the link below to the registration page now, because the countdown is on. Welcome to Vienna!

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The 2023 Danube Water Conference “Navigating Changing Waters: New ways to overcome emerging challenges of the water sector in the Danube region” will convene on 31 May to 2 June, 2023 in Austria's capital city Vienna, back...