29 June 2022 / Tirana, Albania
Happy Danube Day – Happy Danube Water Forum Day!
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Voice of the Danube
29 June 2022

Today, the Voice of the Danube family celebrates our river, our region, our community – and our future. Whether you are in Tirana for the Danube Water Forum or celebrate Danube Day 2022 at home, make sure you toast our river that deserves loving care and protection, our community that adds impact to all our efforts, and our success in the face of more than one crisis. Happy Danube Day!

Today is day 2 of the 2022 Danube Water Forum, live in Tirana, Albania. Expect a thightly packed, exciting schedule. After looking at “The Energy Market and Effects on Utilities in the Danube Region” during the day's start session, the forum will look at “Innovative Technologies for Energy Management in the Water Services Sector” and our chances to innovate ourselves out of the energy predicament.

After the lunch break, the inevitable question of money is on the table in the session “Financing Energy Related Measures in the Water Services Sector”, and last, but not least, the forum will discuss strategies necessary for “Creating an Enabling Environment to (De-)Energize the Water Sector: Capacity Building, Policy, and Regulation”.

Wrapping in all up, World Bank's Winston Yu will present the closing session of what promises to be an exciting Danube Water Forum day which happens to be Danube Day as well: On 29 June each year, the 14 countries of the Danube River Basin jointly celebrate the world's most international river system, along with the people and the wildlife that rely on it.

A wide variety of festivities, gatherings, concerts, boat tours, educational outings and project inaugurations Is scheduled in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Slovenia. If you interested in events near you, stay tuned to #DanubeDay and #DiscoverDanube on Social Media or google Danube Bay.

Those gathered in Tirana will raise a glass to Danube Day during the Joint Conference Dinner in the seaside Prestige Hotel tonight. Those who stay at home are cordially invited to spend a minute thinking about the beauty, the value and the future of our great river. It counts among Europe's greatest treasures, and protecting it is worth our every effort. Happy Danube Day!

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