17 June 2022 / Vienna, Austria
2022 Danube Water Forum – the Comeback of the Year
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Voice of the Danube
17 June 2022

Counting down the days: The 2022 Danube Water Forum is a short week away, and today take a peek at the history of this signature event for the Voice of the Danube community.

A frequently asked question about the Danube Water Forum is: “Why is there a Danube Water Conference every second year – and a Danube Water Forum in the years in between?”

Well, from a historical perspective, Austrian institutions had, and still have, an important role in the birth and growth of our community, and therefore the Danube Water Conference is traditionally held in Vienna. On the other hand, our network has grown exponentially and covers a huge chunk of Europe now, with many national, regional and municipal stakeholders deeply involved. 

There are so many very hospitable cities with great conference venues in our region – why not meet there? The logical solution was keeping up the long tradition and holding the Danube Water Conference in Vienna, but only every second year, and holding the Danube Water Forum in changing locations in the years in between.

The idea was greeted with enthusiasm, but, like many other much anticipated events, the first Danube Water Forum in Banja Luka fell victim to Covid-19, and the Forum had to convene in the virtual space instead.

Better luck this year: The 2022 Danube Water Forum is back as a live event, the host city is Tirana, Albania, and we will enjoy the hospitality of SHUKALB, the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania. SHUKALB Executive Director Elisabeta Poci comments:

"SHUKALB is thrilled to be the host and co-organiser of the DWF in Tirana! The journey we started almost 10 years ago under the Danube Water Program has taken us to another level of development as an association, providing us with capacity development programs for our member water utilities under the D-LeaP, opportunities for us as an association to become stronger, and now being in a position to host one of the flagships of DWP, the 2022 Danube Water Forum. We are looking forward to meeting again with our colleagues from the region and beyond, and to exchange, network, and get inspired over the two days of the DWF."

For those who have missed earlier communications: The 2022 Danube Water Forum will treat the burning energy topic under the title “Energizing the Water Sector in the Danube Region”. It convenes on 28 – 29 June, 2022, back to back with the invitation-only conference on “The Benchmarking and Asset Management Nexus – Key Tools for Regulators and Decision Makers” on 30 June.

The Forum will draw more than 150 senior water sector representatives from the Danube region to discuss the link between energy and water from different angles, with sessions exploring recent developments in the energy market and its effects on utilities in the region, innovative technologies, financing, and the creation of an enabling environment for modernization and reform.

The Forum's language will be English, with simultaneous translation into Albanian. Only physical participation will be possible. For further details please consult the link below.

Welcome to the Danube Water Forum 2022! This is the happiest comeback of the year.  

VoD - 2022 Danube Water Forum

The 2022 Danube Water Forum “Energizing the Water Sector in the Danube Region” will convene on 28 – 29 June, 2022 in Albania’s capital city Tirana, back to back with the Conference on “The Benchmarking and Asset Managem...