10 June 2022 / Vienna, Austria
A Kind Reminder: The Danube Water Forum is Two Weeks Away – Register Now!
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Voice of the Danube
10 June 2022

The 2022 Danube Water Forum “Energizing the Water Sector in the Danube Region” starts in 28 June in Tirana, and registration closes on 15 July. Don't miss our first live get-together in two years!

Reasons to register now and attend the 2022 Danube Water Forum:

  1.  You are as tired of virtual meetings as everybody else and would like a real-life handshake again.
  2.  You want to celebrate Danube Day in the company of the Voice of the Danube family. 
  3. You are aware of the current energy crisis and worried about its potential impact on the water sector in the Danube region.
  4.  You would like to hear expert opinions, relevant case histories and viable solution approaches:
  • for instance from Water Europe's Innovation Policy Manager Loïc Charpentier, an expert with work focus on the full value chain of the water sector and the perspectives of building a European Water–Smart Society. He will hold the introductory keynote on “Exploiting the Water-Energy Nexus – Energy Saving and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.
  • from Hajrije Morina, Director of the Water Services Regulatory Authority in Kosovo since July 2021, and previously National Programme Officer at the Swiss Cooperation Office, responsible for the Public Domain, who will be on the panel during the opening debate on day 1
  • from World Bank Senior Energy Economist Katharina Gassner who works out of the World Bank office in Vienna, Austria, coordinating the activities of the World Bank energy and extractives team across the Western Balkans, and leading lending and technical assistance projects in the areas of clean energy, energy efficiency, district heating, and decarbonization of the energy sector, who will present an update on “Energy price shocks in the Danube region: latest developments and future perspectives”;
  • from Christian Minelli, President of WAREG, the Association of European Regulators in the drinking water and wastewater sector, who will engage with fellow panelists and the audience during the session on "The Energy Market and Effects on Utilities in the Danube region";
  • from Klevis Jahaj, General Director of the Albanian National Water Supply-Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure Agency AKUM, who is currently leading a comprehensive water reform program to improve the service quality and the financial and operational performance in all sectors of water utilities. Mr. Jahai will present the “Albania Water Sector Modernization Program: An innovative approach to achieve the once in a lifetime water sector reform” as a strategic showcase;
  • and from many others, because the above mentioned contributions are just a small percentage of a program chock full of highlights.  

And, last, not least, you absolutely, definitely do not want the miss the Welcome Cocktail Reception and the Joint Conference Dinner at beautiful Prestige Resort.

Reasons not to attend: None that we can think of.

Therefore please: If you haven't registered yet, follow the link below. Here and now, as registration deadline is approaching on 15 June. Because it's here and now – or never.  

VoD - 2022 Danube Water Forum

The 2022 Danube Water Forum “Energizing the Water Sector in the Danube Region” will convene on 28 – 29 June, 2022 in Albania’s capital city Tirana, back to back with the Conference on “The Benchmarking and Asset Managem...