12 December 2017 / Vienna, Austria
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Voice of the Danube
12 December 2017

The Danube Water Program and the World Bank are looking for champion water and wastewater (WSS) utility companies in the Danube region which are interested in offering a balanced and inclusive workplace and equitable opportunities for young and female talents.  These are invited to participate in a project to help WSS companies across the region identify inclusive and gender-smart recruitment, retention, and promotion policies that work best for their employees and the business.

Around the globe, an increasing number of private and public companies are realizing that promoting gender equality in the workplace is good for business and development, an opportunity that no longer can be ignored in modern times.  We are looking for companies that are shifting the focus from the “why” to the “how”— i.e. based on evidence identify practical steps to close gender gaps and plan measures to address an aging workforce.

In the WSS sector in the Danube region, utilities often face a predominantly male and aging workforce. However, global gender gaps in primary, secondary, and tertiary education are closing. In the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors, women are the majority of graduates in many countries or at least their share is on the rise (Center for Talent Innovation 2014). However, this trend is not necessarily translating into more women entering and staying in the workforce and occupying skilled roles and leadership positions in certain sectors, including the WSS industry.

As part of the collaboration, a globally acknowledged strategic partner will provide expert advice and knowledge to help partner utilities come up with an action plan that addresses the needs of your utility. The exercise will be based on a gender diagnostic, informed by your utility HR-statistics, utility and national policies, and an employee survey. Your utility results and action plan will remain confidential and participation is free of costs. The results from participating utilities will be aggregated to inform the preparation of a report on equitable opportunity in the workplace for the State of the Sector Report – 2018 Update and a special session during the next Danube Water Conference.

Take this opportunity and register HERE. It will only take 1 minute and you will be contacted for further information.