04 October 2017 /
Harnessing a Rising Tide – A New Look at Water and Gender
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Voice of the Danube
04 October 2017

A rising tide of social, economic and technological progress has provided the world with immense new opportunities.  This proverbial tide has raised many boats, but has left others behind. Individuals and groups who belong to certain ethnicities, religions, tribes, castes, races, disability statuses, locations, or sexual minorities have not been lifted.

That’s why a new World Bank report “The Rising Tide: A New Look at Water and Gender” provides a fresh look at the relationship between water and gender.  As Senior Director of the World Bank Water Global Practice Guangzhe Chen says: “We believe this report will help those who want to advance social inclusion in water, close gender gaps, and lift those who all too often are left behind or left out. “

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