Improving National River Continuity Restoration Policies for European Ecosystem-based River Management
Organizer: European Center for River Restoration

The webinar is organised on the occasion of the launch of the publication of a study on the development and present status of 8 National River Continuity Restoration Policies from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia and Spain.

The following aspects of the policies as the result of the study will be presented and discussed.

  • Completeness
  • Administrative structure
  • Prioritisation method
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Financing
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the policies

The EU Biodiversity Startegy 2030 needs complete policies with effective implementation to protect nature and and restore freshwater eco-systems.Representatives of countries involved in the study will reflect on the results of the study and representatives of the EU Horizon 2022 Projects MERLIN and Danube4All, aiming at applying nature-based solutions in future water management, will present the use of the results of the policy study in their work.


Start date 27 Jun 2023 , 10:30 CEST

Language English
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube