Webinar, KnowNow series
The Rising Cost of Inaction: How the Energy Crisis Impacts the Water Service Sector in the Danube Region
Organizer: IAWD and World Bank

The Danube Water Program “KnowNow” webinar series focuses on up-to-date topics relevant for the water sector in the Danube region. This webinar will focus on the water sector’s response to the recent increases in energy tariffs.

For the majority of urban water and wastewater utilities, investments in energy efficiency generate the highest return on investment. Electricity costs for water production, distribution, and treatment contribute significantly to operating costs, ranging in many countries from 33% to 82% of non-labour operating costs of water and wastewater utilities. Improving energy efficiency in utilities leads to lower energy costs and reduced vulnerability to energy tariff increases.

The webinar will raise awareness and shed light on the benefits of improving energy efficiency in water and wastewater utilities and how the recent energy tariff increase affects the water services in the Danube region. 


Start date 02 Mar 2022 , 13:30 CET

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
Agenda (English)