From Trickle to Stream: Approaches to Attract Female Talent to the Water Sector
Organizer: World Bank and GWSP

According to the Women in Water Utilities: Breaking Barriers report, on average only one out of every five employees in water utilities are women. An explanation for women’s low representation in water organizations is that skilled women are not drawn to careers in the sector.

Multiple factors contribute to this: young women are often not exposed to female role models working in water, believe careers in the sector are not suitable for women due to gender stereotypes and norms, are under-represented in engineering programs, and face bottlenecks in their school-to-work transition.

During this webinar, we will discuss examples of promising approaches that can be adopted by water organizations to increase women’s participation in the sector, drawing on recent global research and country experiences from water organizations in Albania and Cambodia.

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Start date 14 Oct 2020 , 15:00 CEST

Language English
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube