Utility Benchmarking Program for the Danube region utilities
Organizer: IAWD

For the past seven years IAWD has been building a network of water and wastewater utilities committed to the improvement of services through knowledge exchange and benchmarking with other utilities from the region, but also against high performance benchmarks.

A new stage in the cooperation among utilities participating in the program has been initiated utilizing the newly developed IAWD Utility Benchmarking Platform to further strengthen the exchange between utilities. In order to improve the understanding and interest in this program, IAWD convenes a promotional event to showcase the program and its benefits.

During the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, it became startingly obvious how and why the prompt and continuous knowledge exchange through online collaboration between water service companies may be instrumental for the safety of citizens, local communities and whole states.

This event will be held online and utilize the tools which have proved valuable in supporting exchange between water service operators in these difficult times.


Start date 17 Jun 2020 , 11:00

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
Agenda (English)
Summary (English)