Conference / Workshop, Exhibition / Fair
Water Forum 2018
Organizer: Udruženje za tehnologiju vode i sanitarno inženjerstvo (UTVSI), Belexpo plus

The Water Forum 2018 offers to participants the opportunity to visit the biggest water exhibition in Serbia and, at the same time, to see the state-of-the-art products and technologies of the reputable equipment manufacturers.

Water Forum as the most important international conference in Serbia, dedicated to the current challenges, problems and efficient modern solutions, international cooperation, together with the new projects in the area of drinking water supply, and wastewater disposal and treatment, will contribute to a better understanding and addressing the current questions:

  • What is the legal framework in the area of water supply and sanitation, and which pathways can lead to adaptive solutions for a large number of issues that the water sector will be facing with in the near future, during the accession negotiations with the EU on Chapter 27, and considering current trends?
  • What are the possibilities for effective management of infrastructure investment projects, provision of funding sources and professional development of engineers and other staff in water supply and wastewater utilities?
  • What are the experiences and results achieved by international cooperation projects in practice?
  • In what way water safety plans can be properly implemented, both under normal conditions and in crisis situations, and how business continuity of utilities can be maintained under the circumstances?
  • What are the regional and European experiences in the construction and rehabilitation of systems by using trenchless technologies for optimising operations and maintenance?
City/LocationBelgrade, Serbia

Start date 14 Nov 2018
End date 16 Nov 2018

Language Srpski (Serbian)
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube

Agenda (English)