Technical Visit of the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica


(f.l.t.r) Philip Weller - IAWD, Franz Weyrer - Vienna Water, Kemal Husakovic - Zenica Waterworks, Nedim Secic -Zenica Waterworks, Katherine Wagner - IAWD, Haris Mesic, Zenica Waterworks, Emir Kovac, Zenica Waterworks, Wolfang Gruber - Vienna Water

From 13 - 15 December 2016 a delegation of representatives from the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica visited Vienna Water to exchange experience in waterworks management. The visit focused on exchange on the following topics: Customer relationship, selection of materials for pipelines, technologies for reconstruction and construction of pipelines, procedures for calibration and replacement of water meters, the experience of transition from common water meters to individual water meters in buildings, and types of water meters used at Vienna Water. The delegation was presented and discussed information about the Danube Water Program and the possibilities and benefits of becoming member of IAWD. After a morning of discussions and exchanges the first day was completed with a tour through two „watermarks“ of Vienna: Vienna Water Tower and the Wienerberg Reservoir.

On the second day the delegation visited the Museum of Vienna Water at the source of water supply in Kaiserbrunn. The delegation was provided with information on the history and construction of the First Vienna Spring Water Main and of Vienna´s drinking water supply from 1869 to the present.

The three day study trip concluded with a visit to Vienna Water where the delegation learned about the wastewater treatment system of Vienna modelled on nature.

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