Starting from 2013, the Danube Water Conference (DWC) has been organized annually every year as a joint effort of Danube Water Program (managed by IAWD and World Bank) and the Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe (managed by GIZ) with funding from the Austrian, German and Swiss Governments.

Each year, DWC gathered more than 150 senior sector representatives from 15 countries from South-East Europe (SEE) who used the opportunity to discuss the state of the water and wastewater sector in SEE and DWC is becoming the leading regional brand of water conferences in the SEE region. Technical delegations from line ministries, regulatory agencies, national water utility associations, municipal associations, selected water and sanitation utility companies, and municipal officials, shared views, exchanged good practices and debated in the effort to develop a common vision and understanding of the main policies, strategies, concepts and practices to move ahead at national and at local level.

So far, participation to DWC was by invitation only. Due to the increased interest from year to year, in addition to the official invitees, participation will be also offered to other stakeholders who are willing to covercosts and participation fee. The expectation is that more than 200 participants will attend DWC 2018.

Although there is evident commercial potential of DWC, it is still necessary to analyse the market and prepare a relevant business plan and communication strategy.