• Open Position
  • Philip Weller
    Head of Technical Secretariat (click to show details)

    Email: weller@iawd.at

    Philip Weller is an environmental planner by training and since July 2013 has been serving as the Danube Water Program Coordinator for the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD), administering and managing a joint project together with the World Bank aimed at improving and supporting the efficiency of Danube region water supply and waste water companies.

    Mr Weller previously served for 10 years as the Executive Secretary of the (ICPDR) International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. The ICPDR is the forum for the 14 major Danube countries and the European Commission to implement the commitments they have made under the Danube River Protection Convention.

    Mr Weller has worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as Danube Carpathian Program Director and has also managed successful consulting businesses in both Canada and Austria and has done numerous assignments for governments and international organizations.

    Mr Weller is author of three books on environmental topics including ‘Freshwater Seas’, an environmental history of the Great Lakes of North America.

  • Walter Kling
    President; Secretary General (click to show details)
    Walter Kling is Deputy Managing Director of Vienna Waterworks, a position he has held since 2001. Since the launch of IWA in 2000, Walter Kling supported the development of the new association in his region of East Europe by organizing a number of events. For the period of 2006 to 2008 he joined the IWA Board of Directors as the incoming Congress President. 2010 he was elected IWA Vice President and reelected in 2012 for the period until the WWC 2014 in Lisbon. In this time he managed to invite IWA to hold their Governing Assembly 2011 at the Vienna City Hall by invitation of the Mayor of Vienna. He also successfully organized the IWA European Utility Conference 2012 and the IWA Water Loss Conference 2014 in Vienna. An important background for this supporting work was his role as the General Secretary of IAWD (International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area), which he started in 1993. Founded by an initiative of the Mayor of Vienna, IAWD is a long-term partner of IWA in various activities and one of the two organizations behind the Danube Water Program.
  • Katerina Schilling
    Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Coordinator (click to show details)

    Email: schilling@iawd.at

    After earning a master’s degree in Biology with a specialization in freshwater ecology from the University of Vienna, Katerina joined the Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Water Quality, Resources and Waste Management as a Research Assistant where she has been employed. Her work focused on projects dealing with water quality and included lecturing in basic and advanced courses for operators of wastewater treatment plants. She obtained her PhD within the framework of “The Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems” at the TU Wien.

    Since 2006 she has also been actively involved in the national and international activities of the International Water Association (IWA) and is a member of the Austrian IWA Governing Member in which she founded the Austrian Young Water Professionals and chaired their activities until December 2014.

    Her involvement in the YWP agenda of the IWA World Water Congress in 2008 in Vienna led to her becoming chair of the global IWA YWP Steering Committee and the representative of the YWP on the IWA Board of Directors (BoD). Since 2011 she has also been a member of the IWA Strategic Council (SC) representing Research Institutes.

  • Katherine Wagner
    Head of office (click to show details)
  • Anna Maria Koch
    Procurement and Contract Management Specialist (click to show details)

    Anna Maria is a finance and administration expert with a substantive experience and knowledge of all aspects of financial administration and budget work, accounting policies and practices. In addition, she has considerable experience in the financial administration of UN/EU/World Bank funded projects, as well as profound knowledge of all procurement processes of third party services in accordance with international guidelines and relevant Austrian regulations and thorough understanding of office procedures and practices in international organizations.
    Before joining the IAWD she has worked as Finance Management Officer in international Organizations in Austria.