The Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) aims at bringing together national waterworks associations around the Danube Region to establish a durable partnership to build the capacity of utility companies to provide sustainable water and wastewater services. D-LeaP will be facilitated by IAWD with seed financing from the Danube Water Program (and potential other donors). In the frame of the 4 th Danube Water conference, held in Vienna on 11-13 May 2016, a Declaration of Intent was signed between IAWD and the members of the Round Table of Water Utility Associations to establish the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP). Walter Kling, Secretary-General of IAWD, comments: „The signing of the declaration marks the start of concrete action by the members of the Round Table of Water Utility Associations. The partners will join IAWD as members and the Round Table develops to be one of the important networking platforms for the Danube and Balkan region!”