IAWD participates at the Annual Conference of the Institute of the Regions of Europe

On 25-26 September 2016, Ms. Eszter Torda, Program Manager of IAWD participated and gave a presentation on the Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP) and the strategic cooperation with UN-Habitat/GWOPA in the panel discussion on water at the annual conference of the Institute of the Regions of Europe in Salzburg.

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Hasenleithner from Energie AG Oberösterreich Wasser GmbH who recently joined IAWD.

Ms. Eszter Torda underlined, that UN is committed through UN-Habitat Programme to an integrated urban water management as it has a direct impact on urban ecology, economy, resilience and equity. With the idea of twinning water operators that have expertise to share with those who would benefit from that expertise, WOPs constitute a win-win solution for capacity development worldwide.


Ms. Eszter Torda stressed, the Danube river is an international highway between major urban areas of Europe with essential economic and human resource opportunities for business, innovation and technological challenges. The concept of the strategic cooperation with UN recognizes and puts emphasis on these factors and the underlying possibilities.


She recognized, that in this century water needs to be at the heart of the conversation.


IAWD Secretary General, Walter Kling, also participated in the event, using the opportunity to promote future cooperation with IRE on water related topics focusing on the Danube Region.

There were approximately 200 participants at the conference. It was a great opportunity to promote the work from Austria and South-Eastern Europe-wide, on local government level.

For more information visit: http://ir000044.host.inode.at/de/activities/past-events/

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