EU – Drinking Water Directive

Setting the pace for future drinking water quality requirements

In the course of the IAWD – General Assembly a presentation and discussion was conducted by the IAWD – Member, OVGW (Austrian Waterworks Association), on the proposed changes to the EU – Drinking Water Directive which will affect water operators.

OVGW expressed concerns about some of the issues in the current version of the EU-DWD. OVGW is playing a very active role in the consultation process for the development of the new EU – Drinking Water Directive. In this process an active input from waterworks associations is essential in avoiding increasing efforts and costs for the water sector.

OVGW also prepared a proposal for amendments of the draft of the
EU – Drinking Water Directive. Proposals from national water asso­ciations have to be administrated through the respective Members of EU – Parliament of the respective country.

In case of specific questions about the Directive and the documents available you may address directly the OVGW-expert, Anna Pomassl, Email:

Amendments: ÖVGW EU-TW-RL Amendments 2018.06.12
Presentation: EU-DWD - key challenges

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