25 January 2024 /
Global Survey on Genetic Microbiological Testing in the Water Sector - Please take part!
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Voice of the Danube
25 January 2024

IAWD is always glad to share information on institutional initiatives that concern our members and the Voice of the Danube readers in general. Here is an important one:

The IWA Health-Related Water Microbiology Specialist Group, the Austrian Interuniversity Cooperation Centre for Water and Health, and the Global Water Pathogens Project undertake a global survey focusing on the use of genetic (molecular) methods for microbiological water quality testing across the water sector. 

Water utilities, testing and research facilities, and government agencies who work with microbiological water testing are invited to take part in this survey. Additionally, legislative government branches, regulatory bodies, as well as expert groups responsible for shaping legislation and guidelines in the field, are also welcome to actively participate.

The survey results, together with an analysis of prevailing trends, barriers and future prospects in genetic microbiological testing within the water sector, will be presented as an open access scientific article, freely available to everyone interested. 

The survey is open until 31 March 2024. Please follow the link below to take part today!