23 November 2023 /
Change is upon us - Join the Committee on Wastewater Management now and be at the Forefront
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Voice of the Danube
22 November 2023

This open call goes out to all IAWD members:
Soon, the revised Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (EU UWWTD) will come into effect, bringing dramatic changes in a field already plagued by underinvestment, technical challenges and a shortage of qualified experts. In order to support the water sector in the Danube region in the coming transition, IAWD has decided to install a special working group, the Committee on Wastewater Management, and invites members to join the effort. Please apply now under the link below!

Wastewater management presents water utilities in the Danube region with considerable difficulties. Building treatment plants is costly. Operating them efficiently and safely is a science in itself. Finding and/or qualifying staff to run and manage the rapidly growing number of plants is a formidable task. 

The newly revised EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive adds even more stringent compliance requirements to an already challenging situation in both member and candidate states. From the investment standpoint, the EU UWWTD is one of the most expensive directives in the EU acquis, underscoring the necessity for comprehensive guidance.

The IAWD Statutes provide for the temporary installation of committees to deal with special issues and tasks, and this is precisely what the current situation in the region's water sector calls for. 

The IAWD Board has therefore decided to install a dedicated Committee on Wastewater Management to offer IAWD members a platform for collaboration and participation in discussions, information and knowledge exchange, and research on wastewater management issues.

This Committee will consist of minimum five members with the Head of Secretariat being an ex-officio member.

The Committee will monitor the relevant regulation and legislation changes at the EU level and develop briefings for members. It will collect feedback from members and develop position papers for IAWD. It will identify best wastewater management practices in the region and bring them to the attention of IAWD. In other words: The IAWD Committee on Wastewater Management will be a helpful force at the forefront of the coming change.

If you feel that your utility, association or institution should be part of this effort, you are cordially invited to follow the links below for more information and to apply for committee membership before 15 December. 
The water sector of the Danube region greatly appreciates your interest and commitment!