28 November 2023 / Eisenstadt, Austria
Water Association Northern Burgenland: IAWD Member of the Month
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Voice of the Danube
21 November 2023

We proudly present the "Member of the Month" special feature series that provides insights into the work of our members, the successes they achieve, the challenges they overcome, and the thinking behind their IAWD memberships.

We introduce "Member of the Month" because we all know very well that IAWD's success is driven by lively communication, mutual support and shared know-how and experiences. The better we get to know each other, the more positive energy feeds into our community.

The company's mission

After World War II the infrastructure especially in the rural settings of the northern Burgenland had to be developed to prevent the risk of diseases and epidemics and to improve the social and economic development. A public water supplier was founded in 1956. The association of municipalities grew from 48 member communities in 1956 to 66 members today, serving around 200.000 people. 

Three figures and facts

2.925 km  - length of network
49 - wells and fountains
63 water tanks - with storage capacity of 114.972 m³

Why should young people work in the water sector?

People should work in the water sector because the supply of water is an important topic for the future!

Why did you become an IAWD member?

We became IAWD member because we want to show solidarity with other water suppliers in other countries!

*pictures provided by Wasserleitungsverband Noerdliches Burgenland (Water Association Northern Burgenland)