29 October 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Urgent Call for Utilities in the Danube region: Join NewIBNET Today – and travel to the IWA Development Congress in Kigali!
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Voice of the Danube
29 October 2023

IAWD has entered a new, exciting strategic partnership with the International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (NewIBNET). This is serious win-win for all our members - and it might even be win-win-win for those who join NewIBNET today, because five representatives of NewIBNET utilities will get a free conference package for the IWA Development Congress in Kigali this December!

IAWD is taking its benchmarking activities and the engagement with water utilities in the Danube area an important step further. In a strategic move towards collaboration and innovation, IAWD's Utility Benchmarking Program (UBP) now works hand-in-hand with the International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (NewIBNET).

This partnership marks an exciting milestone in the already existing collaboration of both platforms and paves the way for increased knowledge sharing, insights, and networking. The combined expertise and resources of IAWD and NewIBNET is serious win-win for our member utilities, creating a dynamic environment for all current and potential UBP participants as well as other stakeholders, and offering support and opportunities for benchmarking, learning, and growth on a whole new level.

Cornerstones of the network's activities are the sharing and coordination of Key Peformance Indicators (KPIs) and the collection of Management Practice Information to broaden the comparison scale and support the building of a global database of Water and Sanitation Utilities. For more information check the the links below!

IAWD strongly encourages all member utilities that have not yet joined NewIBNET to enter now. Means today. Means complete the whole process until Friday, 10 November, 23:59 U.S. East Coast Time the very latest.

Why? Not just because you join a global network of leaders and staff at Water and Sanitation utilities that are committed to improving their organizations through learning, based on self-assessment and comparison along various performance dimensions and maturities in management practices. Not just because you connect with and be part of the NewIBNET learning opportunities.

Rather because Learn at Kigali is on: the IWA Water and Development Congress will be held 10-14 December 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, and by timely joining NewIBNET and submitting your data, you afford yourself a chance to be selected for a free complete conference package, including travel and accommodation.

Join now and start big by attending this key international knowledge sharing event. And once you have joined NewIBNET, stay tuned for more updates on the synergies and initiatives that will arise from IAWD's exciting partnership.

Your continued dedication to excellence is crucial, and IAWD and NewIBNET will empower the water and sanitation sector within the Danube region in their journey towards ever more efficiency and sustainability.  

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Learning at Kigali Initiative A NewIBNET and IWA Collaboration to bring member Utilities to Learn at the IWA Congress in Kigali