16 June 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Utility Management Training 2.0: Studying Commercial Management in Ceske Budejovice
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Voice of the Danube
16 June 2023

The second issue of Utility Management Training is on, and last week 16 participants convened in the Czech Republic for a packed residential week of the Commercial Management and Customer Service Module. 15 participants actually, because one had to attend via Zoom. Here's why.

Utility Management Training is a holistic 360 degree program that boosts the competences of mid-career water professionals, providing them with insights into all aspects of utility operations. Those with an engineering background dive into the commercial dimensions of the water business, commercial managers learn to understand the intricacies of pipes, pumps and power sources, and after two years they all graduate with the wide horizon that recommends them for the next steps up the career ladder.

The second cycle started early 2023, immediately after the class of 2021/2022 had received their certificates, and it was fully booked long before that. Utility Management Training is built in theme modules and relies on a mix of residential weeks and homework to allow for a full training parallel to a fulltime job.

Last week, the class of 2023/2024 gathered in Ceske Budejovice, home of the utility CEVAK and a world-famous beer, for CMCS, the Commercial Management and Customer Service Module. This module presents the sequence of processes that, taken together, constitute the commercial management function of a water utility, including the “softer” aspects of customer service. It provides both a decision-making framework of analyses and reports as well as concrete examples of how to implement certain business practices.

The Module was hosted by Energie AG Bohemia and CEVAK, a utility with exceptional know-how in the field of metering that runs a certified service center for water meter repair, maintenance and certification. Corporate partner Siemens supported the event.

The residential week program included field trips to the Ceske Budejovice water tower, a water treatment facility and a wastewater treatment plant. 15 participants enjoyed a highly informative course week, interesting outings, perfect weather, and an occasional excellent beer. Participant number 16 had to settle for the course, joining digitally from his home: Waiving participation was not an option, but travelling was out off question, because he had only recently become father of a cute baby.

We congratulate and appreciate the motivation to stick to the program no matter what.