11 May 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Roots revisited - IAWD heads West
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Voice of the Danube
11 May 2023

IAWD has a strong focus on Central Eastern Europe. So strong in fact, one could almost forget that the Danube originates in Germany, and that German utilities are among IAWD's founding members. With the organization's 30th anniversary fast approaching, IAWD President Walter Kling headed west to visit long-standing partners and to renew decades-old connections.

When the International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area started in 1993, the municipal utilities of Passau and Regensburg joined as founding members, and over three decades they stayed on while the network grew in members to cover 14 countries of the region. 

IAWD's 30th anniversary will be celebrated during this year's Danube Water Conference, which will take place from 31 May till 2 June in Vienna, with special honors for long-standing members planned on the conference dinner night. Reason enough for IAWD President Walter Kling to travel to Germany and personally invite the Passau and Regensburg utilities to the upcoming event.

Aware that the IAWD has now been around for one whole generation, and that not too many who run utilities today will remember the pioneering 1990ies, Mr. Kling held a short presentation about the IAWD, its members, partners, secretariat, and activities – a warm-up for the following very friendly and positive exchange. 

“Going back to the roots is certainly a pleasure”, comments Mr. Kling. “After all, IAWD is first and foremost about networking, and the anniversary is an excellent occasion to visit long-standing friends and partners, especially those that started it all. This was the first such trip, but certainly not the last one.”