26 January 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Vienna Water: IAWD Member of the Month
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Voice of the Danube
27 January 2023

We proudly present the "Member of the Month" special feature series that provides insights into the work of our members, the successes they achieve, the challenges they overcome, and the thinking behind their IAWD memberships.

We introduce "Member of the Month" because we all know very well that IAWD's success is driven by lively communication, mutual support and shared know-how and experiences. The better we get to know each other, the more positive energy feeds into our community.

The company's philosophy

Vienna Water stands for a public water supplier who tries to deliver the best water quality, maintaining its historic infrastructure heritage on one hand and applying the highest technical standards on the other hand.

Three figures and facts

Waterlosses: 7,7 %
Ratio electricity production to electricity consumption: 3:1
People of 3 provinces working together, to maintain a water protection area in the Alps, which is twice as large as the total area of Vienna.

Why should young people work in the water sector?

It is a challenging profession on the edges of nature, technology and population.

Why did Vienna Water become an IAWD member?

Vienna Water is one of the founding members, committed to support the cooperation with neighboring countries in the Danube region. This vision became reality with IAWD.