18 November 2022 / Vienna, Austria
After UMT I is Before UMT II: Apply now!
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Voice of the Danube
21 November 2022

The first Utility Management Training (UMT) cycle ends in a few weeks, and according to everybody involved, it has been simply great: Introduced in 2021 as a state-of-the-art modular two-year master class for holistic management in the water service sector, and completed on schedule in spite of all pandemic-related emergencies, UMT is a mid-career skill-booster for professionals in water utilities, and also a treasure trove of knowledge for decision-makers in industry and administrations with a stake in the sector. UMT cycle II starts early 2023, and is now open for your application.

Pumps and pipes are indispensable, but it's the people that make all the difference: Utilities everywhere need smart, agile, innovative management to cope with growing challenges from all sides.

In 2021, the Danube Learning Partnership responded to the growing demand by introducing UMT, the Utility Management Training. Building on the proven D-LeaP programs, and with support from leading utilities in Central and Eastern Europe, UMT equips current and future water-sector managers with tools and techniques to support their decision-making.

UMT teaches the methodology of the Utility of the Future (UoF) program derived by institutional partner World Bank. UoF is designed to catalyze, materialize and maintain transformation efforts in Water Supply and Sanitation utilities. In the course of the program, UMT participants gather the necessary tools and techniques to:

  • outline a strategic vision of a water and sanitation utility,
  • analyze it in a comprehensive manner,
  • understand its performance,
  • identify its key elements for change and
  • prepare it for a fast-changing environment.

Over its two-years runtime, the UMT covers the whole spectrum of utility management in modules which are typically organized as four-month periods, each focusing on a separate topic:

  • Utility Economics, Finance and Regulation
  • Commercial Management and Customer Service
  • Asset Management and Investment Planning
  • Network Operations and Energy Efficiency
  • Efficient Plant Operations
  • Water Safety and Business Continuity Management

UMT's academic partner, Sofia University, brings academic structure to the program and allows for the collection of ECTS credits, which are equivalent to one semester (30 ECTS) of a potential follow-up Master degree.

Each participant will develop a graduation project. Financial support for participants is available: The World Bank, with the support of the Global Water Security & Sanitation Partnership (GWSP), invites eligible utility staff to apply for a co-funding scholarship supporting their UMT participation.

The scholarship can cover up to a maximum of 70% of the tuition fees. For in-depth information on the UMT, scholarships and application details, please turn to the link below.

Note that the UMTparticipation fee is an eligible cost under the Technical Assistance of investment projects financed by a number of IFIs.