11 October 2021 / Vienna, Austria
2021 Danube Water Conference: I'll be There. Will You?
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Voice of the Danube
11 October 2021

On 18 - 20 October 2021, the Danube Water Conference will seek the best way forward to “Building a Resilient and Water Secure Danube Region”. You do not even have to travel to attend, because we will meet in the virtual space, using latest digital conferencing technology to achieve an “as good as live” experience for you and everybody.

The conference management platform Swapcard offers the best of all worlds, combining all the great features of advanced videoconferencing platforms with social media approaches to personalizing and customizing. Create your personal profile for easy networking with participants, panelists, and exhibitors. Customize your Danube Water Conference schedule. Pick and choose the most relevant topics from an exciting two-track conference program covering water security and water supply and sanitation services.

Enjoy short, crisp sessions in engaging “almost live” session formats. Sit down with colleagues in the virtual space for safe 1-on-1 networking and take a tour of exhibitor booths. Enjoy a nearly real-life conference experience without having to leave your chair.


Last chance to register!

If you haven't registered yet, here are some reasons why you really, really should attend:

"Can we build a resilient and water secure Danube region? Yes, I think we can, if we gather our strengths and coordinate our efforts. The Danube Water Conference will help us to share ideas and learn from each other." Winston Yu, Practice Manager, Water Practice, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

“After a difficult summer in 2021, River Basin Management and Flood Risk Management has never seemed more important throughout the world. Join us at the Danube Water Conference to understand the process behind the finalization of two management plans: how the ICPDR carries out this important process from consultation to implementation.” Edith Hödl and Igor Liska, Permanent Secretariat, International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR)

“One river, many nations, 80 million people in the same proverbial boat when it comes to tackling the needs and challenges ahead - and one conference that everybody in the region's water sector must attend. I am looking forward to meet you there.” Philip Weller, Head of Technical Secretariat, IAWD

"Will the water management turn to Artificial Intelligence in the future?” Let's sit down and find out at the Danube Water Conference.” Prof. Vladan Babovic, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore

“We have a proverb in Vienna: Beim Reden kommen die Leute zusammen – which means, to find common ground, people best sit down and talk. This is what the Danube Water Conference is about. I will be there. Will you?” Walter Kling, President, IAWD, Austria

Final Agenda available

The final Agenda for the Conference is online! Consult the Event's page below to get further information!

VoD - 2021 Danube Water Conference

The 2021 Danube Water Conference “Building a Resilient and Water Secure Danube Region” will be convened on October 18-20 followed by Business Meetings on October 21 (by invitation only)....