12 July 2021 / Vienna, Austria
365 Days Voice of the Danube: It's our Birthday. Are you Happy?
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Voice of the Danube
09 July 2021

Happy Birthday, Voice of the Danube users: Your favorite web celebrates its first birthday with a user survey and your chance to win a free Danube Water Conference ticket.

We could not have picked a better timing: One year ago, when the world was in the throes of an unprecedented health emergency and whole nations had to shut down for weeks on end, Voice of the Danube went online, offering the water community of the Danube region a virtual platform for crisis response, information and opinion exchange.

The Voice of the Danube web delivers the content of formerly four individual webs on one unified platform, providing the community with a lively news section, a regularly updated event calendar, a wide range of information in the Danube Library, a business and career opportunities section and the DANUBIS.org perfomance indicator database.

A part of the content including the opportunity to contribute your own content is restricted to registered users, and if you haven't registered yet, we encourage you to take the opportunity and do it now. It is free, carries absolutely no obligation and gives full access to the main knowledge and information resource on the water sector in the Danube region.

If you are already a Voice of the Danube regular, we may have a Birthday present for you: Please follow the link below to the first Voice of the Danube user survey and invest five minutes to support our efforts to get even better.

Survey participants can win one of five Danube Water Conference tickets: Full three-day free admission to this year's main virtual event on 18-20 October. Your chance is here now – please follow the link below.

The Voice of the Danube team wishes you a wonderful, safe and healthy summer and will be back in early September.